Myriam Seco Álvarez




Myriam Seco Álvarez studied History at the University of Seville where she did obtained the Licenciatura (equivalent to U.S. Masters degree) in Ancient History in 1990, with the thesis “The Family in Ancient Egypt”. In 1995 she obtained her doctorate in Ancient History, also at the University of Seville, with the dissertation: “Representations of Children in Theban Tombs during the 18th Dynasty in Ancient Egypt”. She conducted her research at the Egyptian Institute of the University of Tübingen, Germany (1992-1994). She has been a member of the Academy of Fine Arts “Santa Isabel de Hungría” in Seville since February 2006.


Myriam Seco Álvarez has worked at several archaeological sites in Egypt since 1996, and in Lebanon since 2002. She has worked with the German Archaeological Institute at the Necropolis of Dahshur, the “Centre d’Études Alexandrines” in Alexandria at the site of Qait Bay, and with the Institute of Nautical Archaeology in Alexandria. She has been working at the Funerary temple of Amenophis III in Luxor since 2000.

She also worked as a coordinator for the exhibition “120 Years of Spanish Archaeology in Egypt”, held during April 2009 at the Egyptian Museum, Cairo. The exhibition was organized by the Spanish Ministry of Culture, The Cervantes Institute in Cairo, and the Supreme Council of Antiquities of Egypt.

She participated in the Imax film entitled “The Mystery of the Blue Nile” filmed in Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt in 2003.

- The excavation, study, conservation, restoration and site management of the Mortuary Temple of Thutmosis III in the West Bank of Luxor. This is a joint project between the SCA (Supreme Council of Antiquities of Egypt) and the Academy of Fine Arts, Santa Isabel de Hungría, of Seville.

- The underwater excavation of a shipwreck in Tyre, Lebanon.
This is a joint project between the DGA (Direction Général des Antiquités) and the Academy of Fine Arts, Santa Isabel de Hungría, of Seville. With project is supported by the Junta de Andalucía, and the Spanish Ministry of Culture.


Her publications include:

  • Representaciones de niños en la tumbas tebanas durante la XVIII dinastía, KOLAIOS 6. Seville 1997. ISBN 84-922394-7-6.
  • La colección egipcia de la Universidad Hispalense. Seville 2000. ISBN 84-89777-98-5.
  • “Representation de groupes familiaux à l’ancien empire” Egyptian Museum Collections around the World, Vol. I, Cairo 2002, pp. 26-30.
  • “Resultados tras la primera campaña de prospección submarina en la costa del Mar Rojo: Wadi Gawasis – Marsa Alam”, 2002. On

Further published works in magazines including: BAAL VII, MDAIK 60, ASAE 80, Studi di Egittologia e di Antichita puniche 17, Egitto e Vicino Oriente X-XXI, Aegyptiaca Complutensia etc.