Ninth Archaeological Campaign 2016


The ninth season in the Temple of Millions of Years of Thutmose III and in the Middle Kingdom necropolis situated beneath it begins on 4th October 2016. During previous interventions numerous archaeological materials have been discovered, whose study is contributing to a better understanding of various aspects of the ancient city of Thebes. From a historical point of view, the site has given, so far, structures and objects from different periods: XIth dynasty modest tombs, XIIth dynasty nobles’ tombs, the XVIIIth dynasty temple and a priest’s house of the XIXth. The archaeological richness of each of these areas is providing interesting information. The main directives of this ninth campaign will focus on the following points:

  • Continuation of the excavation and restoration of the enclosure wall west of the temple, with the aim to complete the investigations of the walls and achieve a historical assessment through the mudbrick stamp seals preserved.
  • Continuation of the excavations on the upper terrace of the temple in order to preserve and reveal the value of the whole area. It also intended to progress in the architectural study of the foundations and stone structures that still remain, with the aim to design its musealization. This phase of the project will involve several years of work, the ultimate goal being to have the plan of the temple clearly traced in the ground.
  • Continuation of the excavations of the necropolis of the XIth dynasty situated on a rocky promontory located outside the enclosure wall north, in order to complete the works initiated there.
  • Excavation of new tombs located beneath the temple. From the beginning, a team will work on the excavation of tomb number XXI, discovered at the end of season 2015.
  • Continuation of the task of documenting the huge amount of material we have in order to progress on the database updating. Apart from different lines of research, there are two doctoral theses in progress focused on the study of New Kingdom materials related to the site.
  • Continuation of the work of recovery and adaptation of adobe structures and important items made of different types of stone or other materials, in order to leave them in good condition.
  • Continuation of the study of the vast amount of pottery from different periods that has been found and is still found in the whole site

Depending on the findings, the objectives also include the preliminary study of human remains that might be found in the course of the season.