Eighth Archaeological Campaign 2015


The eighth archaeological campaign in the Temple of Millions of Years of Thutmosis III in Luxor started recently on September 29. The works in the various field disciplines will continue until December 22, 2015.

During this year, we will continue the tasks of excavation and corresponding restoration of the mud brick enclosure wall.  The work will be focused on the northeast corner of the western wall.

The excavations will be undertaken on several fronts: the upper terrace, the magazines‘ area and the exterior of the northern and southern enclosure walls.  We will also finish the area of the entrance to the second courtyard in order to be able to complete the work of restoration in that area.

We will continue the work of documentation of the great quantity of fragments, both of limestone and sandstone, which formed the walls and decoration of the temple. In this regard, there are two ongoing works of investigation: a study regarding the group of sandstone fragments and an epigraphic study of the limestone fragments.

We will continue the investigation of the architectural peculiarities of the Middle Kingdom tombs located underneath the temple, as well as of the materials that were found in some of them.  

We will also proceed with the cataloging of the epigraphic and iconographic elements of numerous fragments of offering vessels which were found east of the entrance pylon.