Seventh Archaeological Campaign 2014


During the current 2014 season, we will continue the excavations by the upper terrace where many fragments that belong to the walls of the chapels of the temple are located. This area needs to be excavated prior to the reconstruction of these walls.

Also, the work will continue at the northern part of the second courtyard, where great discoveries were made last season, with a number of structures from the Ramesside period located in an area in which would be the temple stores.

We will continue the excavations and restorations of the enclosure wall of the temple. Presently, we are working on the eastern and northern segments of the enclosure wall, and we are hoping to get started on the western segment, which includes an area with high archaeological potential.

We will also continue excavations in tombs found under the temple, in fact and as we are writing this, we have just located a new tomb that will take the serial No. 13.

Among the objectives of this season, we would like to resume the negotiations that would result in removing the houses that are partly located on the pylon by the entrance to the temple. If we succeed to evict this area, we would be able to open new and very extensive area for archaeological excavations.

A geophysical study will be performed over the road area where the first courtyard of the temple is located, as well as the area in front of the pylon entrance, in which must have been the harbor of the temple located, that is still unidentified.

We will continue with documentation process of the enormous amount of material to keep updating the database. For the current season, we have increased the number of our team members who are dedicated exclusively to the documentation of thousands of stone fragments that came from the excavation works over the years. This is a fundamental step, as it is the basis of any future research on our site.

Our restoration team will continue to perform the same methodology of restoration on various aspects within the temple. We will also continue studies on the large amount of pottery from different periods that have been found and continue to be found. And finally, we will cast light upon the fragments of wooden objects and remains of tree roots found in different parts of the site to determine the types of trees used within this temple.

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