Fourth archaeological campaign 2011

Since commencement of excavation in the year 2008, the Temple of Millions of Years of the pharaoh Thutmosis III has generated a huge amount of work, which has implied the involvement of more and more specialists from diverse fields.  For this fourth season, the following objectives were determined:

- Excavation of the Peristyle hall sectors, the East and South sections of the enclosure wall, the entrance and ramp of the area denominated by Ricke as the Hathor Chapel and the area of the pylon.

- Execution of restoration works on the East and South sections of the enclosure wall, as well as the entrance to the temple of Hathor.  Application of protective systems on the mud bricks of the pylon.

- Effect geo-physical surveys of the sector situated in front of the pylon, and diverse sectors within the temple, taking into account that four tombs have been located underneath the temple.

- Continue the study of the large limestone blocks containing inscriptions and reliefs, with the creation of a virtual re-construction in mind.

- Advance documentation of the thousands of sandstone fragments, of diverse sizes and in varying states of preservation, containing parts of reliefs or inscriptions.
After the notable success of the first field school, directed by professors from the University of Granada, two other courses have been programmed on geo-physical surveying and archaeological drawing techniques.

A team of geologists from the Department of Building and Materials Laboratory of the Technical Architecture Faculty of the Polytechnic University of Cataluña will carry out an investigation targeting determination of materials, a geological survey of the ground on which the temple was built, and any possible seismic movements which may have led to the collapse of the temple.  Specialists from the Topography School of the same university will carry out real scale photography of the structures.


Field School

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