Assessment of 2013 Campaign

Granite Head

The three months of the 2013 season have provided a great quantity of new materials for study, some of which are of notable interest.

Among the pieces more noteworthy, we have to emphasize two lintels, one of limestone and the other of sandstone, which show a similar composition: two cartouches with the birth and throne names of the pharaoh in the middle, flanked by the figure of a priest with raised arms and in worshipping posture. The inscriptions which accompany the figures of the lintel of limestone mention that it is a priest of Menkheperre called Khonsu, whereas the lintel of sandstone preserves the name of Khonsu in one of the figures and of an individual called Tjay in the other one. Preliminary study allows us to state that Khonsu lived during the reign of Ramesses II.

Near these lintels it was found the lower half of statues of black granite: one of which, of high quality, contains inscriptions alluding to Thutmose III and the other to an individual called Hesy-pu.

In regards to statuary we have to highlight a third find: the head of black granite statue which must have belonged to a deity or to a high-level official.

To these materials we have to add numerous items coming from a tomb prior to the temple and which had been robbed in the past, various fragments of stelae and parts of wine vessels stoppers made of mud that contain interesting seals.