Isabel Puerto




Graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Granada (Granada, Spain) in 2015. During her training she specialized in the disciplines of sculpture and drawing in all its aspects, both traditional and digital. Thus in 2015 make the design of the corporate image for the company "Asesoría Jurídica Soledad".

In 2016 she obtained the official University Master in Drawing: Creation, production and dissemination by the University of Granada, with the main project, the reconstruction of lost assets through drawing: "Ecclesia Igneus: reconstruction of lost assets."

She participates in numerous exhibition activities in different art centers such as Medina Elvira Foundation or the Circle of Fine Arts in Pozoblanco, as well as the Spanish Music Festival of Cadiz in 2015.

In 2016, she performs practices in the excavation  of the Temple of Millions of Years of Thutmose III.

Currently she belongs to the doctoral program in History and Arts (B01.56.1) of the University of Granada.