Ibrahim Noureddine




Ibrahim Noureddine obtained his BA and his Masters in Archaeology from the University of Lebanon.  He is now working on his Ph.D., on “costal and submerged harbours in the eastern Mediterranean during the Bronze Age”, at the University of Granada.


Ibrahim has more than 15 years experience in the archaeological excavation of classical sites. He also has over 10 years experience in underwater archaeological excavations and surveys. He was  in charge of the Marine Archaeology department at the (Direction Général des Antiquités) in Lebanon. He has also worked as a Research Assistant for the Archaeological Museum of the American University of Beirut.

He has participated in archaeological excavations in Tell Karma, Tell Kazel in Syria, and several urban sites in Beirut, Lebanon.  He has also participated in the investigation of numerous submerged sites on the Lebanese coast, including the shipwreck of Tyre.  He has been working for a number of years in the excavations of the mortuary temple of Amenophis III in Luxor, Egypt. Currently, Ibrahim Noureddine is working as an archaeologist at Golder Associates in Ottawa, Canada.


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