Agustín Gamarra Campuzano




Agustín Gamarra won the European ERASMUS scholarship for restoration in Bolonia, Italy in 1990.  He obtained a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona in 1991, specialising in conservation and restoration.  He joined the official college of doctors and degrees in Fine Arts of Barcelona under professional association No. 1710. In 1993, he received another European scholarship, the PETRA scholarship, for stone and archaeology restoration in Lisbon and Conimbriga, Portugal.


In Spain, Agustín Gamarra is the technical director and general manager of the enterprise GAMARRA & GARCIA cos-rest S.L. In (Catalonia, Castilla y León, Castilla la Mancha, Murcia, Alicante, Asturias and Galicia), Sudan (Djebel Barkal, Karima) and Egypt (Meidum, Sharuna, Luxor and Cairo), for museums, government departments, local governorates and many private foundations, including the Aga Khan, Abertis, Clos, and Godia Foundations.

Agustín collaborates with multidisciplinary teams in the development of restoration projects and directive plans for archaeological sites, historical buildings and cultural heritage sites.  Examples include the directive plan for culture tourism development of the Palaeolithic stone paintings of East Asturias, the directive plan of the L’Esquerda Rhoda de Ter archaeological park, the directive plan of the archaeological site of the Islamic city at Pla D’Almatà-Balaguer and the restoration project of the Roman wall of Olerdola Penedés. 
He also participates at workshops, conferences and provides specialised restoration courses for a number of centres and colleges such as the Supreme School for the Restoration of Cultural Assets of the Generalitat heritage of Catalonia, the University Autonoma of Madrid, the Fine Arts college of the Barcelona University, the Urban Department of the Barcelona city governorate and the Archaeological Heritage of the Generalitat of Catalonia. He is currently developing works of restoration and site management for archaeological sites to the Roman museum of Badalona city, the Museum of Sant Boi city, the Archaeological Museum of Catalonia, the Museum of History of Barcelona, and the Museum of Balaguer city.  He is also involved with the technical direction of the restoration laboratory of the Citadel in Cairo.


Agustín has published investigations in several international congresses regarding the restoration and site management of archaeological deposits. He has also participated in several archaeological books and magazines, including “the golden mummy” FAC, “The Roman polychrome mosaic of Rajadell” Museum of Manresa, The Tribune of Archaeological works and the Catalan Society of Archaeology.