University of Seville

Luis TremblayLuis Tremblay Alés currently is completing his Bachelor’s degree in archaeology at University of Sevilla. As part of his undergraduate training, he has completed specialization tracks in Egyptian language and writing as well as participated in multiple seminars and courses in Egyptology.

He has participated in archaeological projects at Nuraghe Candelargiu-Palingae (Sardinia), in the 71st Course of Archaeology of Empùries (Girona, Spain), and in the excavation and research campaign at the Traianeum de Itálica (Sevilla, Spain).

He has also collaborated with diverse activities organized by University of Sevilla’s department of prehistory and archaeology. Luis’ main field of interest is Egypt’s New Kingdom and its mortuary temples.


Ana SanchezAna Sánchez Flores. She is currently completing her last year in a bachelor’s degree in archaeology at University of Seville. Her training includes participation in several archaeological projects, among which is the site of romano de Itálica (Seville). She has collaborated with projects at the Archaeological Museum of Seville and at the Department of Prehistory and Archaeology at the University of Seville. She has also trained in archaeological drawing, which she continues building upon with digitial methodologies.


Maria Teresa RuizMaría Teresa Ruiz earned her bachelors degree in geography and history at University of Seville with a major in prehistory and archaeology in 1988. She has worked primarily at the chalcolithic site of Valencina de la Concepción in the province of Seville. She is currently a member of the Spanish Society for the History of Archaeology, and is a regular collaborator of the society’s excavation of Cerro de los Almadenes in Otero de Herreros, Segovia.

Maria Teresa’s main fields of interest are the Copper Age, 19th century history of archaeology and Egyptian New Kingdom architecture.