Inmaculada Concepción Lozano Urbano




Inmaculada Concepción Lozano Urbano obtained her Undergraduate degree in Fine Arts from the University of Seville, Spain, specialising in conservation and restoration in 2001, and specialising in painting, in 2000.
Since October 2017 Imaculada is affiliated with the doctoral program of Art and Heritage at the University of Sevilla.
Currently she is an assistant at the research group HUM673: S.O.S. Heritage.


Inmaculada’s professional experience includes:

  • Restoration works at the Roman baths in Duque de Hornachuelos, Cordoba, Spain.
  • Intervention in surveying, extraction, placement and site management works at the archaeological site of an ancient Roman House in Cordoba.
  • Restoration of the façades of the Monastery of San Jeronimo in Seville, Spain.
  • Restoration of the Church of Santiago in Carmona, Seville.
  • Restoration of the façades of the church of San Lorenzo in Cordoba.
  • Intervention in the works executed on the dome of the Baratillo church in Seville.
  • Restoration of polychrome carved ceilings of the Palace of the Madraza in Granada, Spain.
  • Restoration of the dome and wall paintings of the Palace of the Purullena, El Puerto de Santa María, Cadiz.
  • Archaeological restoration in the "Reform Project of the Roman house cryptoporticus number 1. Roman city of Ampurias". Gerona.
  • Since 2010 she is member of the Project of the Temple of Millions of Years of Thutmosis III in Luxor-west.


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Communication in the Vth Iberian Congress of Egyptology in the city of Cuenca in 2015. "Preventive Conservation in the Temple of Millions of years of Thutmosis III"
“Conservation and restoration of the Temple of Millions of Years of Thutmosis III” in: M. Seco Alvárez (edit.), “The Temples of Millions of Years in Thebes”, Editorial University of Granada Granada 2015, p. 311-325.

Lecture: "Documentation, conservation and restoration of architectural elements and furniture in the Temple of Millions of Years of Thutmosis III in Luxor-west". Days of Conservation and Restoration of Spanish archaeological missions in Egypt. Center for human and social sciences CSIC. Madrid. June 2013.